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  Guided tours for private groups
A day out with a difference

Interested in booking a guided tour as part of a school trip, family group or business? We are available for bookings all year round. Further details are given below. We are happy to meet your individual requirements. Your contact: Kerstin Wernicke

Meeting point
NABU Nature Conservation Centre Federsee in Bad Buchau

1½ – 2 hours

Please bring with you

appropriate clothing depending on weather
Binoculars if possible
Please note that wellington boots are not required

Prices for school projects and guided tours:
(50% discount for NABU members)

Guided tours
each person4.- Euro

Please note that tours to the Federsee lake itself will need to pay a small additional charge for the boardwalk (2.50 Euro for adults)

Participation in our tours is at your own risk!

Guided tours are offered all year round. Our most popular options include:

  Guided tour “Nature at the Federsee”
Take an excursion along the legendary boardwalk (first built in 1911!) through fen meadow, reed and out to the lake.

Federseesteg mit Plattform
On this excursion you will get to know the Federsee lake and surrounding area, with its rich diversity of plant and animal life. View the landscape from an observation tower and watch marsh harriers on the hunt for food. Discover why the Federsee nature reserve, with its broad reed belt, is an internationally significant bird breed-ing and resting site. Stroll through a forest of reed several metres high to reach the platform at the end of the boardwalk. This is the only route out to the lake, where many wading birds come to eat, breed and rest.
On the atmospheric evening excursions you can savour the breathtaking sunset over the lake and watch the arrival of thousands of birds coming to roost in the reed. The route is around 3km long; a shortened route is available on request.

  Guided tour “Trip to the Wobbly Wood”
Come with us on a trip to the Wobbly Wood to try out southwest Germany’s largest natural trampoline!

Cross the extensive fen meadows with their typical plant and animal life, well-adapted to a habitat dominated by high water levels. Our destination is the Wobbly Wood, where we will discover the secret of the “fen-jelly”: a ground that shakes and trees that wobble! We will explain the background to this unique phenomenon, and then you too can try out the natural trampoline!
The wood itself, part of the internationally important Federsee Nature Reserve, supports a fascinating range of plants and animals- red and black squirrels, woodpeckers and a host of songbirds will accompany our journey. Roe deer can also often be observed.

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