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  Project Overview
Federsee LIFE+ Project

Project specification:
Project Name:"Restoration of Habitats in the Federsee Fen"
Project Duration:January 2009 - March 2014
Project Administrators:Tübingen Regional Administrative Authority, Stefan Schwab (Sponsor and Project Manager)
NABU Federsee Nature Conservation Centre, Jost Einstein
Funding:EU: €652,480 (50%)
Administrative Office for Nature Conservation: €391,662
Baden-Württemberg Foundation for Nature Conservation: €103,778
German Association for Nature Conservation (NABU): €85,040
Baden-Württemberg State Office for Property and Building Works: €40,000
Biberach County Council: €32,000

Total budget: €1,304,960

Restore and rewet heavily-used meadow (ca. 150 hectares)
Remove the gliding airfield (a key disturbance factor)
Re-establish and expand habitats for highly endangered plant species.
Control invasive plants (non-native species e.g. Goldenrods, Dogwoods, Himalayan Balsam)
Complete the network of nature reserves at Federsee
Safeguard the maintenance and development of the landscape and preserve the open fenland through more extensive land use and landscape conservation
Visitor management and community engagement
In the long run, safeguard local jobs in tourism and land management; develop countryside tourism to the area
Preserve archaeological sites of Europe-wide significance in the peat

Maintenance work in seven areas:
Nördliches Federseeried (Northern Federsee Reedbeds): rewetting, construction of a viewing platform with information board
Kalkquellmoor Oggelshausen (Oggelshausen Chalk Spring Fen): scrub and reed clearance to maintain open habitat
Südliches Federseeried (Southern Federsee Reedbeds): deconstruction of the drainage system to improve rewetting work
Südliches Federseeried (Southern Federsee Reedbeds): acquisition, deconstruction and rewetting of the gliding airfield
Whole project area: removal of invasive plant species
Wildes Ried (Wild Reedbeds): acquisition and deconstruction of the drainage system
Steinhauser Ried (Steinhauser Reedbeds): designation of the planned NSG Steinhauser Ried (Steinhauser Reedbeds Nature Reserve) (ca. 570 ha)
Overall: expansion of grassland management practices that enhance the environment; purchase of specialist machinery and equipment for landscape conservation; intensive community engagement

Preliminary work:
Changes to the layout of fields in Nördliches Federseeried have been completed and the project areas are now all owned by the state
The next step is to plan the measures for rewetting Nördliches Federseeried


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